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What do you know about night terrors?

Kite runner made me cry. Such an emotional movie and book 😭😭😭😭

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He had been given eternity in modest increments, and had thought nothing of it.
Alif the Unseen
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And I dream that someday  you will return to Kabul, to revisit the land of our childhood. If you do, you will find an old, faithful friend waiting for you. May God be with you always.


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And I miss you….


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"The bad part is, you have to be careful when you share all the bad with your girlfriends. Because YOU may forgive him, but we don’t, honey. That’s the thing. If he screwed you over, he screwed me over, because you’re my girl. So you have to be careful with the level of bad that you share with your girls. Because you forgive, but oh honey, mama don’t."


SO. Damned. True.

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So we’re just ignoring this white dude saying nigga…

he said nigga doe

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